Luxury beauty accessories for you and your skin

How your skin looks and feels can make the world of difference. When your skin is flawless and smooth, it makes you feel happy and confident. By using high quality luxury skin accessories, your skin will love the beautiful difference it makes. Experience FACELUXE beauty accessories that delivers salon quality results. Treat yourself to an enriching skin experience like no other.

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The Only Makeup Accessories That You Need

Life gets busy and hectic at times. Having beauty accessories that helps you apply and remove make up quickly and easily will save you precious time in the morning and evening. Our FACELUXE blending sponges and FACELUXE pads are the perfect skin accessories for women on the go. Experience time-saving convenience with our quality FACELUXE makeup accessories.


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Safe and Eco Friendly Skin Accessories

FACELUXE beauty skin accessories are created with the environment in mind. Vegan friendly, cruelty free and non-toxic, our beauty skin accessories are safe and suitable for all skin types. You can reuse our skin accessories over and over again. FACELUXE cares about you and the environment.


What our customers say

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    "I used to use finger tips to apply foundation. I tried brushes but hated it. Then I was introduced to FACELUXE, my holy grail.
    This was a game changer when applying foundation, it makes it looked so airbrushed flawless and natural. After all these years!!
    I can’t believe it took me this long to try it out, I always thought it was over hyped but do yourselves a favour and try it. These products save me time, money and are great for the environment. My staple and go to in terms of quality and durability.
    Thanks FACELUXE! Definitely recommend."

    - Chiraag

    Influencer and mother

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    "FACELUXE products are better than any comparable products on the market that I have tried. In particular, I love the Beauty Sleep Collection, which I use on the regular, and
    of course the Moroccan Exfoliating Mitts. I swap between using them as a dry body brush before showering, which helps slough away dead skin debris as well as improve lymphatic drainage and circulation, and using them in the shower with a beautifully sudsing shower gel. They turn every shower into a spa experience. The entire collection is a dream to use though, and really makes you feel as though you’ve bought the salon home!"

    - Shonagh Walker
    Beauty and Life Style Writer

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    "The FACELUXE Luxury Sleep Collection has been a game changer for me. A time poor working mother, I’ve found complete escapism each evening in my new nightly routine.
    Falling into the Satin pillow case, knowing the benefits for my face and hair is reassuring, and I wake up looking more refreshed. My morning makeup application routine is swift and mess free, and provides the coverage I need to rock another day. The perfect edition for everyone. xoxo"

    - Erin

    Spa and Gym owner

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    "I love love love FACELUXE from putting my makeup on with the best beauty blenders I I’ve ever used to taking it off with the softest and easiest cleansing pads. I find I even don’t need any chemicals, the pads do all the work for me! I also regularly use the Morrocan exfoliating mitts, which give fantastic results!
    These products are amazing!"

    - Imogen
    Park Ranger and influencer

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    "The best eye mask and pillow slip.
    I just wanted to write to say WOW!
    This eye mask is so luxurious and protects my lashes! It not only shields the light but it’s so soft and soothing it relaxes you into sleep also!
    And the pillow slip is truely magic for my skin! Thank you FACELUXE I'll be buying again soon!"

    - Kiri Le Cornu
    Makeup Artist / Beauty Therapist

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    "My daughter loved her birthday gift. Those reusable makeup remover pads work so well, it took off all my makeup without a cleanser or anything! : )"

    - Gillian


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    "Using the exfoliator mitts has been game changing for me! They are fantastic when travelling as they have their own waterproof bag. Plus I can use them dry or wet, depending on my need. Fantastic too in my regular infrared sauna!"

    - Elizabeth

    Self Employed/Director

  • To all my fellow makeup artists, listen up! Are you looking for the BEST blender on the market?, then FACELUXE is your girl! When I say WOW! gosh I meant it!

    - Kiri Le Cornu
    Makeup Artist / Beauty Therapist

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Give You and Your Skin a Refreshed Look

Nourish and soothe your mind and body with our luxury skincare accessories. Our high performance products includes a pair of Moroccan Exfoliating Mitts that leaves your skin soft, smooth and improves circulation. For sleeping beauties, the "Beauty Sleep Collection" is perfect for you. Our luxurious Satin pillowcase and satin silk eye mask provides a cool restful sleep and is hypoallergenic that is ideal for allergy sufferers. Smooth your skin with our FACELUXE luxury beauty accessories.