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Makeup Hero

Makeup Hero

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Makeup Reusable Cleansing Pads and Makeup Blender and Caddy - SAVE 10%

The Only Makeup Accessories That You Need.

Life gets busy and hectic at times. Having beauty accessories that helps you apply and remove make up quickly and easily will save you precious time in the morning and evening.

Our FACELUXE blending sponges and FACELUXE pads are the perfect skin accessories for women on the go.

Experience time-saving convenience with our quality FACELUXE makeup accessories.

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Using the most luxurious black and white micro fibers the FACELUXE pad removes both light and heavier makeup. They fit comfortably in your hand and mould to your facial contours, while softly cushioned for the delicate eye area. Quick and easy to use at home, gym or on the go, activate with water to attract makeup and grime from the skin and pores, making it non toxic and suitable for all skin types.

For a Spa experience it includes our plush FACELUXE adjustable headband to protect your hair while cleansing and our convenient FACELUXE laundry bag with zip to protect pads when machine washed, you can also use to air dry with the tab.


FACELUXE blending sponges feature a unique Cut Tear Drop shape to provide a flawless, airbrush finish for applying makeup.

Use dry or damp, they expand in water which allows you to use less product and minimise wastage. We have included 2 sponges to give you the ideal choice for make up blending and application.


Our products are designed by a professional Aesthetician, Spa Therapist and Makeup Artist for optimal results.