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Head to Toe

Head to Toe

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Beauty Sleep Collection and Moroccan Exfoliating Mitts - SAVE 10%

Nourish and soothe your mind and body with our luxury skincare accessories.

Our high performance products includes a pair of Moroccan Exfoliating Mitts that leaves your skin soft, smooth and improves circulation.

For sleeping beauties, the "Luxury Beauty Sleep Collection" is perfect for you. Our luxurious Satin pillowcase, hair scrunchie and satin silk eye mask provides a cool restful sleep and is hypoallergenic that is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Smooth your skin with our FACELUXE luxury beauty accessories.

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FACELUXE Moroccan Exfoliating Mitts buff, exfoliate and polish the skin to a professional Spa finish at home with our Dual Hand Method.

Our body loofah mitts are designed to fit comfortably over your hands and use a premium weave of natural Moroccan style fibers for a thorough exfoliation, and are lined with 100% cotton for added luxury.


Wake up more refreshed and rested with the FACELUXE Beauty Sleep Collection. A beauty treatment while you sleep. Includes our luxurious Satin Silk Pillow case, Eye Mask and Hair Scrunchie.

Using 100% Polyester Grade A Satin Silk weave, the Queen Size pillowcase diminishes friction, dragging, pulling, and creases to the skin while also preventing damage to the hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. Our luxurious Satin Silk offers durability, thickness and a lustrous shine, provides temperature regulating properties for a cool restful sleep and is Hypoallergenic ideal for allergy sufferers. The FACELUXE sleep collection prevents moisture loss to the skin and hair, allowing serums and creams to work more efficiently and minimising messy bed hair.

Our FACELUXE sleep collection also includes a lightweight luxury satin silk eye mask. Designed to block out light to give you a quality sleep, whilst protecting eyelashes and eyebrows against friction and damage.

Our hair Scrunchie looks stylish enough for day ware or to sleep in and is gentle on the scalp and hair, minimising breakage and thinning. The FACELUXE scrunchie prevents moisture loss and hair kinks compared to regular hair ties.


Our products are designed by a professional Aesthetician, Spa Therapist and Makeup Artist for optimal results.